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PURE Youth Middlesex

New Jersey

PURE Youth, a leadership program, specifically aims to facilitate discussion and awareness of the impact that education has on society through numerous projects and fundraising. PURE Youth also supports projects from all program areas and causes PURE champions which gives the ambassadors an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the issue, solution and impact on the lives they are helping change.

The Pure Youth Middlesex Team held many events in order to help the children in India who could not afford to go to school and did not have much school material in order to learn. The chapter was in need of a director and ambassadors to lead the Middlesex Pure Youth team. The team began in May 2019. The Pure Youth Middlesex spreads across West Windsor, East Windsor, and Plainsboro areas. The Pure Middlesex chapter is very special because of many aspects. The team has a good number of ambassador's and parent volunteers and many of them are very active and take up fundraising events and projects wholeheartedly. Middlesex has a large Indian community and one of the most important things and gratifying things is the fact that we have such a diverse community that is made up of people from a lot of different backgrounds. “It is a diverse group of people with a common purpose. To help the kids to have good education.

Led By Children, For Children


I really love to volunteer for PURE so I have a chance to help others in need ~ Lakhi Raju

It’s an honor to be part of an organization like PURE which is constantly trying to improve the underprivileged and make the world a better place ~ Chaitanya

I joined PURE because I wanted to help kids in India. The feeling I get when I help is a good one, and this is why this organization means so much. ~ Khushi

I wanted to join PURE since we don’t get many chances to help people in need in India. There are people who can’t live their life like we do and we don’t think about the money that is needed in order to go to school. Kids lacking education, food, and basic necessities is unfair. This program is a perfect way to help those kids and make a difference. I’m looking forward to being an active part of PURE and contributing positively. ~ Dhruv

Throughout my time being a part of the PURE Middlesex county branch, I enjoyed every part of it, and along with that, I learned what it meant to give back to people who need it. While being a member of PURE, I have helped less fortunate kids get a better life and played a part in providing them opportunities to succeed. All in all, it has really humbled me, as I’ve become a better person by giving back to my community and to children across the world. ~ Aaditya Saharan

Being a part of PURE Youth for close to a year now has taught me many things: how to be a responsible leader in my community, how to be perseverant, how to communicate effectively. But among that, the thing about PURE that means the most to me is the lasting impact. To know that small steps my team and I are making here are changing the lives of kids thousands of miles away is inspiring to say the least. Volunteering has always been something that I’ve enjoyed, but PURE is so much more than that, and I’m so grateful to be part of such a passionate and productive organization like this one. I can’t wait to see the heights we reach and the goals we accomplish in the future ~ Raunaq Saharan